The endurance, reliability and safety of our services satisfy the demands of our guests. The guests are our purpose for existing and we treat them that way. We always guarantee quality and safety of services to our guests.


The company BEST WESTERN PREMIER Hotel Astoria Ltd, with the implementation of standards of green business activities, wants a stronger affirmation on the market. With its quality and safety, it attempts to rise above companies offering the same of similar services, to etch deeply into the consciouseness of its clients and become one of the leading companies in the field of tourism and the hotel industry on the territory of the Republic of Croatia and beyond.

The policy of green business activities

BEST WESTERN PREMIER Hotel Astoria Ltd. recognizes the need to preserve the environment and sustainable development in tourism with the goal of being a socially responsible company

BEST WESTERN PREMIER Hotel Astoria Ltd. cares for the environment through the following 5 elements:

  1. Preventing pollution
  2. Minimizing waste
  3. Recycling
  4. Pollution control
  5. Handling waste

In early 2013 BEST WESTERN PREMIER Hotel Astoria participated in the project Green business, organized by the Croatian Ministry of Tourism. The project Green Business Activities is known by the management of the hotel as an important step forward for Croatian tourism which could give a chance for the hotel to be recognized on the global market as a green destination which is an international trend today and which give significant profit to some hotels. In all further activities of the company, along with quality, we will also put emphasis on the implementation of additional ecological measures within operations. The strategic goals were set by the management and the owner of the hotel. The quality of services is a guarantee for future successful business operations of BEST WESTERN PREMIER Hotel Astoria Ltd


What makes us different

BEST WESTERN PREMIER Hotel Astoria: We are member of the world’s largest hotel cooperation of privately owned and operated hotels. Since we are independent we are proud to differ from the usual chain hotels. Each of the 4.000 member hotels worldwide has its individual style and character. Only one thing we have in common: With our brand name we promise you good quality and excellent standards. Additionally, as private hoteliers, we have the commitment for a personal hospitality.

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